Successful MYS 2015 for Xtenders

This year's Monaco Yacht Show proved the remarkable growth that Xtenders has undergone during the last year. In the period of 2014-2015 we realized a number of challenging deliveries among which are the 16.1m and 8.0m custom limousine projects. Both required the highest level of finish and attention to detail, which we combined with exceptional performance and lightweight carbon construction.

In the same period we have extended our range to match the diverging needs of the yacht owners and crews. For starters, we added a number of luxurious lightweight limousine tenders with the highest level of finishing. For the RIB range, the functionality and peripherals have been diversified and include beach landing, D-Rib, various awning options and astonishing clear coated carbon equipment.

Close attention to our brand and dynamic developments of the market are the motivation for further brand growth of Xtenders. The show provided us with the important insights and perspectives for the new projects.